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7/18/2017 General
CFISA Offers New Online Cyber Security Courses

The Center for Information Security Awareness (CFISA), based in Boca Raton, FL, is pleased to announce the launch of several new and updated online cyber security awareness training courses. These new updated security awareness training courses provide 15 separate lessons, which cover key information security issues that can impact the workplace. A full course addressing PCI DSS credit card compliance rules will also be available. Those interested can contact CFISA by filling out a form on their website.

Michael Levin, CEO and Founder of CFISA, says: "We are excited to provide our new and updated security awareness training made simple course and services to our customers. Since phishing and ransomware are now clearly such a significant risk to all businesses, we have incorporated this into all of our lessons. We have also included the security of social media and the Internet of things as an integral part of our training. Our customers have asked for shorter course blocks and we now have several new options."

The 15 updated lessons include up to date information on ways to protect against cyber security threats to the workplace including: phishing and ransomware scams, email security best practices, understanding social engineering, regulatory PCI DSS compliance, workplace physical security, effective password practices, safer Internet practices, social media security, as well as laptop and device security.

A growing number of reports, have identified employees and other insiders as the cause of most data security breaches. Better day to day security awareness practices along with security awareness training are central to reducing these incidents.

Based on customer requests, CFISA will now also offer two different course lesson options that provide the training in different levels of time allotments. The new CFISA courses will provide various options based on customer needs and the size of the organization.

CFISA currently has a wide variety and diverse blend of customers using their valuable training. These include federal, state and local government agencies; colleges and universities; hundreds of small, medium and large enterprises; and many financial institutions.

CFISA provides the online training in several delivery mechanisms including hosting the training on their site. They also provide the lessons in SCORM compliant learning management system (LMS) format to be hosted by their customers. Those interested can also view their Facebook page for further information.

To celebrate the release of the new course lessons, CFISA is offering special pricing options for all new customers and businesses of all sizes. .

People are encouraged to fill out their Request a Quote form on their website to receive additional information and pricing.